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ready to create a lIfe that

you're cOmmitted to?

If you're...

+ ready to restore passion for life

+ eager to feel more content, joyful & alive

+ ready to honor the threshold moments

+ prepared to turn more fully towards life

+ longing to discover where life is calling you forward...

Let's talk



As a trained coach and energy worker, I support my clients to find a different way to move through life - mentally, emotionally & spiritually.


Having someone walk alongside you that has been through major life transitions like the ones you’re going through can allow more honest & real conversations to unfold about what is being experienced and felt. I hold a container and support my clients through the life, death & rebirth cycle. So whether you're experiencing uncertainty in your next steps, the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, or the loss of a job or career... you have a space to land here.

I am here to witness, reflect and hold space for you as you listen deeply to that nudge from your Soul. The work I offer will help you open to the possibilities available beyond the conditioned blinders that you’ve been wearing, perhaps without even realizing. Together, we will start exploring, experimenting and creating a new flow with life that feels more aligned with your values and, as a result, more fulfilling and nourishing. 

If you're interested in working together, email me to set up a free 20 minute consultation


pillars of my work

We honor the inherent messiness, complexity & paradox of life to be in service of creating a life you're committed to.


We expand our capacity to FEEL what is present & alive in this moment which is essential for living a full spectrum life. 



Life becomes more alive & vibrant when grief & death have a seat at the table of life instead of being ignored or denied.

Dahlia Flower

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  


- Anais Nin

If you're interested in working together, email me to set up a free 20 minute consultation.


Client Love . . .


Through the time I spent with Jen I feel that my passion for life and the future has returned full circle.


- M.L.

A synchronicity and feeling of connection that has been absent from my life for quite some time has returned. 


- B.E.


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