S O U L C R A F T  C O A C H I N G

Prepare to fall in love with yourself and with life! 


Soulcraft Coaching is a integrated intuitive wellness coaching approach that helps clients reach clarity on their goals and dreams, while clearing physical, energetic and spiritual blocks getting in the way. Through a variety of resources and tools, I guide and assist women to tune-in to what is calling to them from deep within while building trust and connection with their intuition.


Between sessions, we will stay connected  through email for support, guidance and to celebrate your accomplishments!  I will deeply listen and guide you, as we explore your obstacles, and determine your aspirations.  Specific, measurable goals will be set. Relevant and informative exercises and flower essence tinctures will be included as needed to help boost momentum. For instance, I give guided journal exercises, a variety of mindfulness meditations and other materials that help with deep reflection.  Since we are not the same from day to day, each session is like a new painting—no two ever look the same.  You’ll witness your own, blazing path unfold.


What your program includes:

• Bi-weekly sessions with email and phone support in-between
• Learn tools and gain resources about energetic, spiritual and physical self-care
• Set meaningful short and long-term goals and co-create a realistic plan for
achieving them
• Uncover what nourishes you physically, emotionally, energetically and
• Receive self-care recommendations, and other customized materials that are
relevant to your goals
• In-person coaching may also include energy-work, Maya Spiritual Healing or Flower Essence remedies


Here’s a brief overview of what we might address:


Radical self-care—What feeds your soul? What keeps you grounded and deeply connected? It’s the magic ingredient to living a deeply connected life.


Food-care—We will work to uncover the right diet for YOU since there is not one diet that works for everyone. You are divinely unique and have a diet that looks like no one else. What you put in your body may be affecting in ways you haven’t considered. This may include testing for food allergies.


Creativity—Yes, you are creative and expressing that creativity is more important than you think.


Career—Looking at how you can bring more purpose and intention into your current career or we may focsu on helping you connect with what new path is calling to you.


Physical exercise—The FUN kind! The movement that feels best for your body and soul.


Presence—Ask yourself, “How do I want to show up in the world?”


Spirituality—We will seek ways to help you stay present and connected. In a world where nothing is guaranteed except for change, this piece of the whole is essential to finding ease and contentment


Length of programs: 3 or 6 months


Schedule a complimentary 45 minute session to receive more information including pricing.


In-person and distance sessions offered via phone, Skype and FaceTime.

L O C A T I O N  &  C O N T A C T   I N F O


119 N. Commercial Street, Suite #1020

Bellingham, WA 98225


In-person, phone & skype appointments available.


Phone:  (612) 396 - 8208

E-Mail:  jen@sacredsoulcraft.com

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