M A Y A  S P I R I T U A L  H E A L I N G

Maya Spiritual healing is a powerful, ancient tool that assists in clearing energetic stagnation in the body and aura.  It can be used to release deep emotions like grief, shock or fear that can lodge in the body, or to treat other spiritual ailments.  If you have tried to address an issue and feel at a loss, spiritual healing could be a potent next step.


Have you ever struggled with an ailment or negative feeling that just wouldn't go away? It continues to hold you back no matter what you try? You may know what it's connected to or not. Sometimes it's a strong emotion like grief or fear that's lodged. Other times it's an experience or situation you just can't shake, no matter how you've tried. This is when I would typically recommend a Maya Spiritual Healing session.


What all of the above have in common is that something needs help releasing. Like me, you most likely didn't grow up talking about "stuck emotions," "stagnant energy" or "attachments." This is the language of this work but the beauty is we don't need to know exactly what it is, you just have to have a desire to let it go.


Other imbalances this work can help with . . .


  • Calm the restless and anxious mind

  • Release grief & sadness

  • Cut and clear negative energetic cords draining you

  • Release ailments or imbalances that have been with you "since you can remember" 

  • Let go of anger, envy or jealousy

  • Let go of fear or shock related to a traumatic or sudden event

  • Deal with soul loss


The Arvigo Institute describes the work like this:


"The Maya, as with traditional cultures, recognize diseases of the soul as well as the body and are aware that there are both spiritual and physical causes of illness. Maya Spiritual Healing consists of prayer (appropriate to your faith), spiritual herbal baths, and incense that serve to re-balance and harmonize the human aura or energy field so that we can attract good into our lives and repel what does not serve our highest purpose."

Studying with Rosita Arvigo in Belize transformed my life and my healing practice. Rosita studied with that last Maya shaman, Don Elijio Panti, who taught her this powerful healing work. You can read about her story of moving to Belize and training with Don Elijio in her book Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer.


For Maya Spiritual Healing testimonials, click here.


In-person sessions at Wise Awakening in downtown Bellingham.

On-site sessions are available with travel fee.


Length of session:  90 minutes


Cost:  $120  (cash, check or charge accepted)


L O C A T I O N  &  C O N T A C T   I N F O


119 N. Commercial Street, Suite #1020

Bellingham, WA 98225


In-person, phone & skype appointments available.


Phone:  (612) 396 - 8208

E-Mail:  jen@sacredsoulcraft.com

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