When women share sacred space with intention, big shifts happen.  No questions about it.  I have witnessed it over and over again.  Gathering with like-minded souls is not only rejuvenating and inspiring but it also feeds us to our core.  After stepping out of a circle of women, I am always amazed at how much lighter, connected and sustained I feel which allows me to show up in the world more authentically. (Which is always my #1 goal!)

In this series, we will be bring our individual voices, stories, dreams and vision to the circle to be heard, supported and to build our tool box.  If this speaks to you, I invite you to keep reading.

This sacred circle will allow you to . . .

  • Connect with like-minded women

  • Assemble resources to handle hectic and stressful times 

  • Set goals & take action steps with support, guidance, and tools 

  • Create opportunities and friendly accountability to trouble shoot issues/ideas

  • Express what's ALIVE in you

  • Be heard and seen- on a profound level.


Details . . .

  • Six 90-minute sessions

  • Bi-weekly meetings (exception: last two sessions are one week apart)

  • Space is limited

  • I will guide each session but also allow time to share, connect and create

  • I will provide email and phone support between sessions

  • Private Facebook page for the group to connect and support each other

Flow Motion Circle coming soon!


"I feel so empowered and so much more in touch with myself through this group. I met wonderful women who inspired me and encouraged me, and I can’t imagine getting through this year without the support of this group. I feel more valued by the universe, and I also feel that I have learned to value myself more. I am so much happier and appreciative of my life. I see the universe through a COMPLETELY different lens than when we started."

"Walking into the room every other week, I felt the energy of safety and comfort envelope me. The space you held for us was potent and enabled me to really let my guard down. I also loved being around women who just get me and operate on a similar level. OH - and I loved the custom flower essence!!"


Message me if you have questions.

It would be such an honor to support you on your journey.  Please reach out with any questions.  If you're not sure this would be a good fit, email me and we'll set up a phone conversation so you can get more info and get your specific questions answered.  Also, if you feel called to share this with a friend or colleague who might enjoy this, feel free!


Investment:  3 payments of $80 or 1 payment of $240

If you have questions, contact Jen at info@jen-george.com.

Intuitive Wellness Circle for Women

Six 90-minute sessions

L O C A T I O N  &  C O N T A C T   I N F O


119 N. Commercial Street, Suite #1020

Bellingham, WA 98225


In-person, phone & skype appointments available.


Phone:  (612) 396 - 8208

E-Mail:  jen@sacredsoulcraft.com

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